Fatima Goita


Born in Mali, West Africa. Fatima grew up believing she had a purpose to discover instead of a generation to follow. But due to rough and troublesome times she found herself stuck and slowly losing her childhood as she became forced at an early age to help her parents make money to survive. One day after carrying groceries for an older lady, she paid her a compliment after noticing her purse. It caught Fatima’s attention and the design was absolutely beautiful. It was that moment when she realized where the rest of her time would be focused; designing purses and accessories similar to the one that impressed her. Since then, Fatima’s interest has been capsulated to sharing her love and passion for handbags and purses to people with similar interest.  And just like that, a child prodigy manifested the day that lady gave Fatima her handbag as a result of her compliment.


As a teenage immigrant Fatima struggled deeply but maintained the integrity of her dream, but the vision alone, combined with no support from friends nor family couldn’t suffice independently. Soon she began her journey across the pacific to the land of opportunity; USA where the life of an entrepreneur hit her like a ton of fabric. Being that she couldn’t speak any English her challenges piled but remorse dared not negotiate with her desire to share her gift with the world. She found herself homeless two weeks after her savings depleted and forced her hand as a panhandler to make ends meat. In addition, she understood the risk of pursuing her dreams and how temporary her circumstances were until she could just find the perfect opportunity to spread her wings. She worked odd jobs and continued to panhandle until a permanent position emerged due to her familiarity with her native tongue, she spoke fluent French. Now in a comfortable environment and a confidence level high enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel, Fatima began to save and research manufactures to bring life to her designs.


After  years of searching, saving and struggling she managed to build a relationship with a manufacturer in Italy who took to her quite well and fell in love with her sketches. She spent all she had to book a flight and found the component she needed to start her business. But, if she could only get back to the United States to continue her journey she’d be just fine. The manufacturer believed in her so much that he gave her startup capital to produce her first run of handbags and today they are still working together. Fatima’s handbags are more than accessories, they are symbols of strength that represent perseverance, drive and ambition. Wearing a Fatima handbag reminds it’s buyer to keep pushing and never give up!


Her products are sold nationwide and a portion of her proceeds go to a Los Angeles based organization called Denko Foundation


For more information you can contact:

15500 Erwin St, 114
Van Nuys, CA 91411

Tel: 1 310 902 8797
Email: fatima@lafatima.com

Web: https://www.lafatima.com/ | www.fatimagoita.com

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